“Perfumery is an art form. Like music, the precision, expertise and talent create outstanding perfumes when it is garnished with passion.”

An Artist. An Architect. An Inventor. A Designer.

His passion towards Design and Art is highlighted in every step of life. Every front is an opportunity to address life in a passionate way never seen before but only in imaginations. However, the goal remains constant; TO MAKE IMAGINATION TANGIBLE.

The application is currently in effect through the medium of architecture, where the value for space is enhanced on an intricate level to express emotions and passion. The artist within looks not only at the two‐dimensional aspects but reaches out to all four dimensions to address life.

But there lies a greater and larger picture in mind and therefore, ARK’s vision to expand.

One of the finest ways of creating a future only expressed in words is to take inspiration from the oldest scripts and traditions our ancestors bestowed upon us. Throughout time ARK has got inspired by various incidents, situations, behavior, materials, history or mother nature herself.

Taking inspiration from the ancient scripts and practices that our fathers and forefathers have used throughout time, ARK LOOKS TO BECOME THE PERFUMER NOW.

The fit to the ideology lies as perfumery is an art for inducing the olfactory sense of the human body. The human-centric practice indulges precision, talent, expertise and passion that drives ARK.

As an application to this idea, ARK foresees his creations to embark on their journey to attain a worldwide recognition starting from the United Kingdom and thus capturing the European Circuit. With experienced teams already in place holding interactive points at London, Mumbai, and Dubai, THE VOYAGE HAS BEGUN.


Legacy is not just about reaping benefits from its past, it’s about evolving it sustainably for the betterment of the community and the world at large. This is what Brand Ark is about. Ark is about being instinctive, daring and sophisticated ensuring possibilities are everyday realities.

Ark is about being energetic, aggressive, trustworthy to take on any challenge and see it through fruition precisely and sharply. Ark is about positive progress, it’s about evolving legacy.


Every space occupied and influenced by man is a forum and an opportunity for an architect. Space can never be restricted to only where one stands in, it is the vast expanse that one can see, smell, sense, and feel. Architecture is all about this expanse.

The entire event of choosing and buying a perfume can be picturized as one experience of a user. From the very moment that one steps into the shopping space to how one sees the space, approaches it, the first encounter, to how the bottle physically looks and feels to the very essence and fragrance that one smells and in the manner that he smells to going and purchasing it. Where one may see this as a complete experience, we strongly believe at ARK that this experience does not end at the sale of the bottle but is a never‐ending process altogether. The Value of our product can be best defined if it has made its place permanently on our user’s shelves.

Designing this entire experience of a user is the forte of an Architect, where we not only design how the product smells but how it smells, looks, feels and stays with our users.


Walking with the world, the only way to my destination is through… the woods, the ocean, the city, the street; I walk, I limp, I sprint, I chase but I don’t stop. Trying to clinch that distant horizon I believe I am getting close to by the second any yet it’s been years since I could tell if it is the same horizon I had started in search of.

Inspiration Story 1
Inspiration Story 3

What is natural has started to feel fake and what is manmade has started to feel natural. So, where am I?

I often question myself, is the tangible environment that I question or the vibe of my company?

I may not have an answer yet but my body and mind don’t seem to care and my legs still march along the band as drumbeats roll.

Inspiration Story 4
Inspiration Story 5

We say that time never stops and yet run on our toes in the fear that this is the only time I will ever have. And yet my question still stares right at me; what is the destination? My journey has been defined as the very microsecond and yet I stammer to answer my destination.

Walking through the time, my senses have been triggered; not just looking ahead but all around.

I see, I hear, I smell, I touch, I taste; becoming aware of my surroundings, I see myself transforming and molding. The layers of society all seem to leave a mark and I sit to wonder is this a scar?

While my arsenal strengthens, I can feel my senses dropping to acceptance and perception of reality. I look at people from the front, face to face, and the first thoughts that come to me are how many more faces do I need to find of? My senses go searching for all the angles scanning through every inch of space that I can influence.

I have been in his sphere of influence for just moments and yet I believe I know him for decades without any knowledge of the truth; making my opinion as for the truth I would like to believe.

Coming across individuals, groups, colonies, streets, cities, and countries; I have discovered choice. The choice whether I want the knowledge to the details of every atom or am I just satisfied by waving from a distance.

The choice can be either driven by purpose or faith, whether I can quantify it or just blind conception; I defend it as my choice.

Inspiration Story 8

Choice has given my imagination once again its wings, but now I try to formulate and calculate. As I step into the world, I aim to invoke the imagination of others by triggering their senses.

It is no longer only about what I imagine of the world but equally of what the world imagines of me. I am walking into this abyss head first not knowing how I may come out.

Inspiration Story 10

As I see the world now, I sit in confusion; what is real? My senses look perplexed as I am not able to decide whether the I am now in a natural or virtual habitat. Everywhere I go, I look for a pattern. Everything I see, I smell, I touch, I hear, I feel; all I search for is the meaning and importance to the setting. The only task I do with full commitment is the reason.

I am looking all around and I have started observing patterns and sequences only to question how this fits the world and where does my footprint lie in the setting.

As I look for motivation, I realize that this is the greatest opportunity. I can create this method and this opportunity to trigger the senses beyond sight. Searching for this, I believe I have arrived, I am a perfumer.

Inspiration Story 11
Inspiration Story 12


Life begins with a thought. A thought based on three aspects; physical, financial and time. The thought is simple, we call it idea, concept, unit, atom, etc. but the very crucks needs to be developed and further developed. The layers of reality keep on adding to my initial perception. Today, in finality, I still show my first idea while holding the final outcome bosting the first step of simplicity and yet inside me I think is this still the same as I imagined? This is the power of our senses, to tweak and the bridge the gap between perception and reality.

Hence we present ARK, a perfumery aiming to bridge the gap between perception and reality.

ARK looks the given power to the people, an asset to tweak the perception of the world by addressing the reality. Reality is not just the visual aspects, but the olfactory sense as well. Walking into the room I also assess the aura by my odor.

It makes me confident, it gives me an authority, but it is all unquantified and yet I am reasoning with reality.

Perfume is not a necessity of life but it gives the power to go for those necessities with an added authority.

A job interview, a business meeting, a party, a prom, a school presentation, the list is endless and so is the variety but one thing is constant CONFIDENCE.

ARK, leading the journey with an added touch of flavor and confidence.

The very ideology lies in the symbolism. Taking inspiration from our ancestors, where a symbol can speak more than what a thousand words can justify, the logo signifies the very journey we speak of.

A journey, that we began as individuals but along the way found companions as humans, as resources, as partners. Where we began from different scenarios of life but we stand today as one watching our destinations become one.

The horizon is no longer a blur at a distance but a sharp pinnacle that we aim for in our ARK.

The layers of reality can keep adding and they will but our focus remains uncovered and sharp as we head towards the pinnacle.

But still, one precaution that we take of ego, keeping it gentle and simple with the curves as we tenderly nurture our fragrances.

The very ideology lies in the symbolism. Taking inspiration from our ancestors, where a symbol can speak more than what a thousand words can justify, the logo signifies the very journey we speak of.

Fragrances have been a part of man’s life since the very beginning hailing from the Egyptians and Persians and therefore it only fitting that we start with the empire. A royal empire in today’s world strengthened with its youth persevering for excellence.

ARK is set to sail from London where we believe lie the roots of creating a royal invention to spread throughout the world. The empire is only as strong as its roots just how is vessel is only as strong as its base.

ARK is for the people of today, the youth, the enthusiasts, the workaholics, the witty, the strong; the strength lies in the hands of individuals and on how we can create an impact on the world.

Everyone has a role in the world but we stand to highlight the role which makes the difference and gives meaning to ARK.