A young boy, at the age of 11, for the first time participated in an international property exhibition at London as a helping hand to his father as they looked to capture the UK based Indian Community. The three days of active participation sowed the seeds in his mind and thereafter he went to International Boarding School for his studies, as he aimed to sharpen his skills looking to be independent as he started making his own roadmaps for the future.


At the age of 13, during his summer and winter vacations, he used to come back home for holidays but his passion was for working at sites and sales of residential apartments. This young boy participated as a sales representative in Property Exhibition in Navi Mumbai at age of 14 and successfully sold 855 flats out of a total sale achieved of4000+ flats sold by the company in flat 4 days of property exhibition. This tremendous successful stint at property exhibition made his mind clear to pursue Architecture as his academics and he decided firmly his goal. Thereafter he completed his journey at International Boarding School and came back to Mumbai.


At the age of 16, when other kids were busy playing and partying, this boy chose to be at Sites under a junior Site Supervisor and took charge of 36 storied 3 towers and everyday climbed an average total of 80 – 90 floors with Architects, Engineers, and Workers for slab checking etc. During the college days, he finished the structure of the buildings and finishing work of few towers. As the years progressed, his skills and knowledge only grew and so did the passion.


Currently, at age of 22, he has ventured and signed off Construction Re‐Development Project in Shivaji Park, Matunga and many more under negotiations.

His vision has taken his business to international trade and manufacturing of Perfumes and Life Style products for the Elite segments of the UK & European Market. The manufacturing set up is based in Paris and Sales are all across the UK and gradually spreading its wings to pan Europe and to be followed by Strong & Sturdy Markets in Africa, USA, UAE and many more continents within a span of next 5 years.





Q: What are your views on the revival of the real estate scenario in Mumbai, which has slowed down significantly over the past few years?

A: There is no denying that Mumbai has seen a decline in the sale prices of residential inventory by 5% in the last year, however, we have witnessed a growth in quarterly sales by almost TWICE from the last quarter of 2016 (8,416 units sold) compared to that of the last quarter of 2017 (15,265 units sold). As a result, the situation, that we have very conveniently deemed as sloppy, is rather picking up the pace that we believe should pump up the market. The addition of RERA in our eyes has been the icebreaker, as it has brought back the faith of the common man in our fraternity.

The way we see it, the product and the composite offer are the two pillars that define the fate of the project. Potential buyers are even willing to invest today but only when they completely believe in the product and its developer. It is no more only about architecture, marketing or finance but rather how we can deliver a holistic experience to the client from the first encounter with the client till the time we hand over the key of their house.

Q: How do you view the infrastructure development that is happening in Mumbai of late?

A: The infrastructural landscape of Mumbai is currently going through a major uplift which is going to affect lives on all fronts i.e. commuters, businessmen, students, etc. Both the physical and social infrastructure are seeing major changes as the construction on the ground as well as the policies in the government offices are changing for the betterment of the people.

We see infrastructure as a web but woven by two spiders, one being the government and the second being us the people, the structure can only stay strong if both understand and play their roles to the best of their abilities.

Q: Is the city geared up to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of new home buyers over the coming years?

A: Yes, we believe the city is geared up, a home buyer makes a purchase today not only based on the design of the project but also location, connectivity, community and the value for the investment.

All the current changes happening in our policies and the opportunities that are opening up for both the developers and the potential buyers are tremendous and holds great potential to grow the market. The change in policies such as the CRZ clearances of 500 meter being reduced to 100 meters at the Mahim bay area has opened up more 500 buildings for redevelopment at the Shivaji Park area of Mumbai. This can be marked as a prime example to prove that the real estate market is set to see a boost in the coming financial year.

Q: Being a professional architect yourself, what edge do your properties have over others?

A: The value for space. Every day we hear people complaining about the planning and construction issues faced by them due to various reasons regarding their properties. Having a professional education in the field allows me to execute and achieve a different value for the spaces that we create in time enhancing the complete experience of our clients. Our values highlight our strength in numbers which we aim to grow with every professional, businessman and client we meet.

Q: What are the major projects being developed by your company?

A: Currently, we are developing two real estate projects, one at Shivaji Park and the second at Matunga, which are residential establishments based on the classical style of architecture. We are also working on our perfumeries project which is going to be manufactured in France and will conduct its sales initiatives in the UK and later be expanding to other parts of Europe followed by the Gulf region.

Then there is our mining project where we mine for whites and at the banks of the Yamuna River in the state of Uttar Pradesh and we aim to sell it locally as well as nationally.

Q: Are you also active in other cities, or plan to diversify elsewhere?

A: Our goal is to establish ARK as a global brand. Our belief is that markets can be won and goals can be achieved only with the right product and that’s what we focus on. Therefore, currently, we see real estate as the market for India and perfumeries for the European market.

Q: What are your plans for the Gulf market where the number of NRIs is very high?

A: We envisage the gulf market as the luxury market of the world and hence plan to cater to the lifestyle with our luxury perfumes.

For our NRI brothers, we wish to create an inventory of investment opportunities at our motherland which is aimed to hold the royal and lavish lifestyle inspired by our modern take on the classical architecture.

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