An Architect. An Inventor. A Designer.

An Architect looking to alter the skyline of Mumbai as looks to create a difference in the real estate lobby of Mumbai. He brings forth new and energetic ideas in the form of customized homes, adding a personal and individual touch to each house in this standardized commercial market. His passion for Architecture is highlighted in each of his projects with lavish interiors and expressive volumes and facades.

An inventor dedicated to Life. Inventing spaces on the architectural front by being a Realtors now looks to address life at all stages. Thus, the vision to expand towards lifestyle.

Starting in the industry of perfumes and cosmetics, a lucrative opportunity to explore foreign markets where we can strengthen and spread our reach to the end user.

With regard to the competitive landscape, ARK Perfumeries and Cosmetics sees its upcoming future as the product being manufactured in France and conducting sale to compete in the European Market. We intend to sell our products through online sales and dealerships. As we see fit, we further plan to expand over the market and sales area to the gulf market after 2 — 3 years and see ourselves entering the Asia—Pacific Market after a period of 5 — 6 years, cementing ourselves as global sellers.

ARK also foresees itself entering the lifestyle industry, as part of Nutrition and Healthcare. We intend to attend to life and lifestyle at various levels to become a globally recognized brand.

Legacy is not just about reaping benefits from its past, it is about evolving it sustainably for the betterment of the community and the world at large. This is what Brand Ark is about. Ark is about being instinctive, daring and sophisticated ensuring possibilities are everyday realities. Ark is about being energetic, aggressive, trustworthy to take on any challenge and see it through fruition precisely and sharply. Ark is about positive progress, it’s about evolving legacy.